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The Story of The Wicked Snake And The Stupid King of Frogs

Frogs that rode a snake, HitopdesaOnce upon a time, in an overgrown garden, there lived an old snake .He had become so old that he was unable to hunt for his food.One day while he was resting on the bank of a lake, a frog caught sight of him, asked him from a safe distance. “What’s wrong with you? You look frail and why aren't you hunting for food?"

The snake who had been waiting for the right occasion said "Oh friend! Please leave me alone. Why torment a fellow whom fate has forsaken?" The curiosity of the frog was aroused and he said, "Please tell me what your problem is!" The snake then narrated a made up story to him saying, "Friend! Once I bit the son of a Brahmin. The boy was a fine and gifted lad. When his father saw his son dead, he fainted. His relatives tried to revive him. When the Brahmin recovered, he said, 'I am giving up my work and all worldly pursuits and am retiring to the jungle to meditate.' Then, he cursed me, saying, 'From today, the frogs will use you as a vehicle to ride on.' Thus cursed, I am waiting for the frogs to ride me."

The frog upon listening to his story was elated. He thought “Now the time has come when I and my race can sit on the back of our enemy and humiliate him!” But then he decided on having their king have this privilege first. He rushed to their king and informed him what he had just seen and heard. The king of frogs went over to the snake and after speaking to him and convincing himself hopped on his back. The snake carried him to and fro, thus pleasing him.

The following day, the snake pretended that he was unable to move about. The king of the frogs asked him, "Why do you crawl so slowly today?"

"I've had no food to eat," said the snake.

"Well! I'll let you eat the frogs from my kingdom from this day onward," said the king.

"Sir, I accept your favor!" replied the snake humbly.

In due course of time, the snake ate up all the frogs one by one and in the end, the king of the frogs as well.

Moral: Never believe the words of your enemy!