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Uda Parab

Uda Parab:festivals of Orissa

Uda Parab is observed in the district of Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar. The participating devotees in this festival of orissa are called Bhakta. In a village field, a long staff is fixed horizontally on a perpendicular pole. The Bhaktas, after having taken their ceremonial baths and confirmed to other rituals, move in a dancing procession to this place. They are accompanied by a cheering crowd and loud beating of drums. A huge congregation at the field awaits their arrival. Then, one by one, they are tied to the horizontal staff with a long cloth at the shoulders. Ankle-bells are fitted on their feet.

They simply hold on the staff with one hand and move hanging. With the help of a rope fixed to the perpendicular staff they are kept rotating in a circle by a person below. Profusely garlanded, the Bhakta flying at a height throws flowers from his garlands and mangoes to the on looking audience below, who collect them with great enthusiasm as precious possession. After this ceremony the Bhaktas go to the nearby temple and offer offerings and prayers to Shiva, Hingula, Mangala. Uda Parab is celebrated with much gaiety and pomp.