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Two Men and the Bear

Two friends were strolling down a forest path. Unexpectedly they came across a bear. One friend who knew how to climb trees, scampered off and climbed to the highest branch of the nearest tree. However the second friend was ignorant about the art of climbing. And having nowhere to go and not knowing what to do, he dropped to the ground and played dead.

Once the bear approached, it started sniffing the man lying down on its ears. He pawed at him a few times. And convinced that the man was dead, the bear walked away. Once the bear had left, the first friend alighted from the tree and said - "Friend I am glad that you are safe. I was so much scared for you. By the way what was the bear whispering in your ear?"

"Oh," answered his friend, “Thanks for your concern. But the bear told me that I should consider about traveling with friends who run out on their friends in times of trouble."

Moral: Friendship is tested in times of trouble.