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Traditional Dances of Orissa

Gotipua dance of OrissaOrissa has a rich tradition of performing arts. The intricate carvings on the walls of ancient temples display a rich tradition of music and dance that Orissa had.

Dancers from the ancient past were known to perform in the temples of Lord Jagannath in Puri. This form of dance which was called Mahari gave rise to the acclaimed dance of Odissi. Apart from Mahari, another dance form that has been massively popular in Orissa is Gotipua. The Gotipua form of dance is unique in many respects. The dances for one are performed by a troupe of all boys. Secondly the troupe consists mostly of young boys who are trained to dance since early ages.

The traditional dance of Orissa is all thematic and revolves around stories that are drawn heavily from mythology. Be it Odissi or Gotipua, all traditional dance forms of Orissa are graceful and aesthetic.

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