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Places of Interest

Dhabaleswar templeDhabaleswar: Situated at a distance of 7 kms from Cuttack on the bed of river Mahanadi,this island is famous for the Shiva temple. A large festival is celebrated in the month of Kartik(November month) draws huge piligrim.

Banki: : A temple situated on a hillock and dedicated to the Goddess Charchika make this place a favorite among the visiting PilgrimsAdding to the beauty of the place is theriver MAhanadi that flows through the town.

Niali-Madhab: A religious centre,it is famous for the shrine of RadhaMadhab.Sovaneswar Siva Temple situated at a distance of 1 KM from Niali.It is 50 KMs from Cuttack.Regular Bus services are available to Naili Madhab (panimal chhak) from Cuttack.

Ansupa LakeAnsupa: Ansupa is a beautiful lake based 68 kms from Cuttack.It is a heaven of for the migratory birds.Flanked by lush green trees and crystal clear water, this place is an attraction for bird lovers and tourists as well who can enjoy boating, fishing and sight seeing simultaneously.

Naraja: One of the beautiful natural spots on the bank of river Mahanadi, Naraja is famous for many Buddhist images along with the famous Sidheswar temple of Lord Shiva.It is at a distance of 15 km from Cuttack.

Paramahasanath temple: People visit the Paramahansanath of Shiva on a holy day. The temple on the outskirts of the town is famous for its water hole (Ananta garva), which floods the sanctum sanctorum on holy occasions.

Budha statue in LalitgiriLalitagiri Situated on a mound of hills, this place is famous for many Buddhist shrines and sanctum which can be dated back to 1st century A.D. The earliest Buddhist complex, dating back to 1 st century A.D.The place which was an important place of Buddhist learning in the earlier period finds mention in the travel notes of Hieun Tsang.Remians of the huge brick monastery, the Shaitya hall, a number of enigmatic stupas and a relocated stone Stupa at the apex of a small rugged sand stone hill (Pushpagiri Hill) can be still found here.