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Maa Tarini - A Short Introduction

Tarini MaaThe presiding deity for all tantra and Shakti shrines in Orissa,Maa tarini represents the female embodiment of power.Maa Tarini depicted as a red face with two large eyes and a mark in the middle which serves as an indication for a nose and also a tilak is worshipped in her temple in Ghatagaon in the district of Keonjhar. The temple of Maa is set amidst a picturesque background of dense Sal trees in the non - chalant township of Ghatagaon, where she rests with full glory - sought by millions and visited by thousands daily.

There are many elaborate rituals associated with the Maa Tarini that keep on attracting multitudes of her devotees to Ghatgaon daily.The devotion of the people in the Maa is reinforced in the unique courier service that has evolved around Her.The temple receives 15000 coconuts everyday for its rituals from far flung areas of Orissa and even from neighboring states of West Bengal and Bihar making this a religious courier service without any parallel in the world.

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