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Maa Tarini was installed in Ghatgaon by Govinda BhanjaUpon the death of the reigning King Trilochona Bhanja Khedhujhar, Govinda Bhanja had to return to his kingdom. King Purusottam Dev wanted to give him something as a token of their long standing relationship and for his help in avenging his insult. Govinda Bhanja sought his permission for taking the “Mother” with him to Keonjhar . King Purusottam Dev agreed to this and asked him to seek the Mother’s permission. Govinda Bhanja then prayed MAA and She agreed on a condition that She would follow him in his journey to Keonjhar provided he would not look back to check if She was following. The moment he looks back she would stop following and stay at that particular place. Govind Bhanja agreed to this. From Puri to Keonjhar, the horse hoof sounds of the Mother were audible. On the outskirts of Keonjhar lies river Baitarini. On the forest of Keonjhar Maa’s horse hoofs was not audible anymore. Govinda got scared that Maa stayed behind and he turned to look. Then and there Maa turned into stone. That place is Ghatagaon. And the Mother has remained there ever since and is worshipped there. Till today Maa Tarini is being worshipped in the wild forests of Ghatagaon in Keonjhar. However, with time the place has become a major place of pilgrimage with devotees thronging to visit HER and the forests thinned considerably.