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Maa Tarini

The Mother, is the icon of all pervading energy that is prevalent in the nature in form of living and non-living, good and evil, day and night. Ensconced in her temple at the thickets of Ghatagaon, Maa Tarini is unarguably the most worshipped deity of Orissa after Lord Jagannath. Of the many things associated with the Mother is the unique tradition of worship. Contrary to a Brahmin priest worshipping her in her temple at Ghatagaon, it is the tribal priest who perform the rituals of the temple.

Another unique aspect of Maa Tarini is her association with coconuts. The deity, it is believed can be appeased by offerings of Coconut. A visit to her temple and you would be amazed at the piles of coconut that wait to be offered to her. This unique tradition of offering coconuts to the Mother, has generated the world’s largest courier system that involves devotees o the mother spread across the length and breadth of Orissa and the heavy vehicles that ply through the well maintained highways of Orissa.A devotee who wishes to send a coconut to the Mother as offering holds it in the road and any approaching heavy vehicle picks it up invariably to deliver it to the another bus/truck that would be going to Ghatagaon. This way the coconuts meant for the mother reaches her.

Maa Tarini has elaborate rituals attached to her daily worship that is religiously followed by her devotees. There are special festivals attached to her also that see people thronging her temple in teems . Please go through the pages of this section to know more about Maa Tarini.