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Places of Interest in Sundargarh

Khandadhar waterfallsKhandadhar: One of the prettiest districts on the tourist circuit  of Orissa is the Sundargarh region. Located amidst its lush forests is Orissa's most famous waterfall, the Khandadhar fall (about 244metres). The beauty of this place makes it a site not to be missed. The waterfall fomed by the river Korapani falling from a height of 244 meters from the Khandadhar hills creates a view that is amazing, marvellous and simply awesome.The waterfall is situated amidst forests of mahagony ,Sal, mango and tamarind in the Khandadhar hills.The mighty roars of the fall can be heard from anywhere inside the forest and to some extent even outside the forest.The sheer force at which the water guhes down at this place and the steepness of the terrain is enough to create an everlasting impression of awe in the tourists mind.

Rourkela: The industrialized town is a mad mix of environments and cultures. One would definitely love the cosmopolitan nature of the place. The city provides great scope to people who can shop anything from tribal crafts to luxury items. There are also many parks and temple nearby within the city boundary where one can go out for a break

Vedvyas at SundargarhVedvyas: The picturesque Vedvyas is often ascribed to be the place where the sage Vedvyas took birth and composed the epic of Mahabharat. The region is set amidst the backdrop of gushing water from rivers and thick dense forest. There is a small Shiva temple in the place that comes alive during the Mahasivaratri. A great place to enjoy!!!