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Places of Interest in Bhadrak

Akhandalamani Temple at AradiAradi: Aradi is a famous piligrage centre for Shaivaites in the state. The place is seta to the temple of Lord Akhandalamani.The 150 foot temple situated on the bank of river Baitrani is visited by many devotees on a daily basis. However there is a mass congregation of devotees on the occasion of Mahasivaratri.

Chandbali: A small natural port during the British period, this place is known for its long coastline and pristineChandbali wildlife beaches. Also it si the entry point to the BhitarKanika wildlife reserve. The place is marked with series of delta that has been formed by the river Baitrani. The deltaic regions are marked with an amazing variety of flora and fauna . the place is home to over 170 different species of migratory birds, the Olive Ridley Turtles , reptiles like crocodiles, king cobras and pythons and wild animals like Rhesus Deers, Sambars and spotted deers. Additional touring point here is the twin ancient temples that were once a place of Shakti worship.

Dhamra Port: Slated to become the second largest port of the state, the Dhamra port which is being developed jointly by L& T and Tata Steel is based on the coastline of Bay of Bengal.