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Places of Interest in Balasore

Khirachora Gopinath temple of Baleswar,one of the oldest and sacred temples of OrissaKhirochora Gopinath Temple: Situated at Remuna, approximately 7 km from the main town of Balsore, this temple was built by the Great King Langula Narasimha Dev who is also the builder of the world famous Konark temple. Khirochora Gopinath Temple is notable for its mythological story about how it was built there. The "Biranchi Narayana", "AstaDurga", "Bhudhar Chandi" are some other temples located in that region.

Chandipur: Chandipur-on-sea is a sea resort famous for shallow beaches that span over a mile. The most unique thing about the beach is that, here the Chandipur Beachsea water recedes away from the shore line about five km twice a day, an unusual phenomenon, rarely found anywhere in the world. This marvel of Nature gives the bathers an unusual experience of walking into the sea carelessly playing with the waves. When the waters disappear one can even take jeep ride on. The beauty of the exposed bosom of the beach is further enhanced by the small red crabs and abundant wealth of sea shells.

Panchalingeswara: At a distance of 30 k.m. south-west of Balasore, there lies 'Panchalingeswara', a scenic spot high in a mountain. It is the seat of Lingam, known as Panchalingaswar with the perennial spring flowing over them are the added attraction of this place. The temple is unique in itself because it is the only kind in entire world where the presiding deity cannot be seen. The statue of Lord Shiva lies submerged under the flowing fountain and one needs to feel the statue by touching it.

Santaragadia: About 33 km south-west of Balasore, there is 'Santaragadia' is a semi town where 'Biseswar temple' is situated in the hill, covered by hills on its sides.

Khulia Village: The Khulia village lying close to Santradgadia is surrounded by hills and fountains and is known for the settlement of the aboriginal people who live here. The tribe which is one of the ancient still retains its cultural touch and practices.

Chandaneswar Temple: An important Shavite Shrine of eastern IndiaChandaneswara: Named after the famous Shiva temple of the region, Chandaneswara holds an annual fair in the month of Chaitra that is thronged by devotees from Bengal, bihar and Orissa alike. Chandaneswra is situated 88km from Balasore.It is situated at distance of 88 km from Balasore and 8 km from the sea beach of Digha.

Raibania: Situated at distance of 75 km from Balasore,it is a historical place that even finds mention in the Ain-e – Akbari.The place is noted for forts that are now in ruins.Adjacent to the forts are the lovely forests of Jaychandi which are used as picnic spot.

Digha Beach:Presenting a serene environmentDigha: One of the most attractive beaches of the state, Lord Warren Hastings refered to this place as the 'Brighton of the East.The scenic beaty of this place alongwith the broad coastline draws in a lot of tourist every year.It is the border place of Westbengal and Orissa.