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Places of Interest

Angul-Budhi Thakurani:

Maa Budhi thakuraniBudhi Thakurani Temple built on a small hill.Recently a huge Jagannatha Temple known as Saila Srikhetra has also been built near the Budhi Thakurani temple. This Jagannath Temple is the exact replica of Puri Jagannath Temple and has been built over a small hill very popular all over the state.

TikarapadaBeautiful Satkosia gorge in Tikarpada

This place is famous as a trekking spot among the tourists for the Satakosia gorge of river Mahanadi alongwith the Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary, which is situated on the bank of River Mahanadi. Wildlife lovers can have a chance to watch Tiger, leopard, elephant, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, mouse deer, nilagai, four-horned antelope and sloth bear. Wild dogs used to be sighted often. Many resident birds frequent this place. Reptiles like the gharial, mugger crocodile, fresh water turtle and poisonous and non-poisonous snakes can also be sighted.


Famous for the sleeping statue of Lord Vishnu on the river bed of river Bramhani,this place is another religious tourist destination situated about 28 km form Talcher.


Sidheswar Temple at Deulajhari:A Sacred  ShrineDeuljhari, also known as the ancient citadel of Saivism, is known for the Sidheswar Temple that lies bounded by a chain of 24 hot water springs. To the south of the temple flows the sacred river Chitrotpala, and in the north stands the towering hills of Panchadhara.. Ancient records suggest that there were eighty-four such hot springs in and around the place. But as of now there are as many as twenty-four springs still active. Among these springs, the most popular are Agnikunda, Taptakunda, Himakunda, Amrutakunda and Labakusakunda. The temperature of water in these springs varies from 40 degrees Celsius to 62 degrees Celsius. In some old historical records the temperature was recorded as high as 134 degrees Celsius (273 °F). There are two such twin springs just in front of the temple that contain hot and cold water. And although there is constant inter-flow of water between them, the temperature of both remain constant.

The temple complex covers an area of twenty-four acres of land. The presiding deity Sidheswar Baba adores the main temple. The other important temples in the complex are Kedareswar Baba, Enkari Mata, Sri Maheswar Baba, Sri Jogeswar baba and Maa Khambeswari. Myth logically, the place holds significance because it is believed that Lord Rama ,Sita Devi and His younger brother Laxman worshiped the Lord Shiva at this place in course of their fourteen years of exile life. This place is also viewed as the Adipitha of Lord Jagannath. Historical records show that the presently standing main temple was built by the King Kishore Chandra Deo of Kadamba Dynasty in the year 1936. Subsequently other temples in the premises were built by other benevolent persons and devotees.


This place is situated near the National Highway 42 near the village Kanjara .The place is popular for the Budha Thakura Temple and Agara Fair or Phalguna Fair]. The Agara Jatra is one of the oldest festivals of its kind in the area.Other important festivals are Dol Jatra,Rath yatra,Dand Yatra,Chandan Yatra and Ramnavami.