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Map of Phulbani district of OrissaAbout Phulbani

Situated between 19°34' & 20°50' degree north latitude and 80°30 '& 84°48 'east longitude covering a landmass of 7654 sq.km, Phulabani is also known as Kandhamal.Surrounded by beautiful ranges which cut it off from rest of the world,Phulbani is endowed with unmatched natural beauty. It is flanked by the districts of Ganjam & Nayagarh in the east, Kalahandi in the west,Baudh in the north and Rayagada in the south. The district is gifted with unparalled natural beauty,wild life and incomparable sceneries.The entire region is covered with panoramic coffee gardens,serpentine ghats,waterfalls and canopy of lush green forests.Almost 66% of the land area of the district is covered with dense forest and towering mountains which provide shelter to the inhabitants like Kondhas, of proto Austroloid group.It is hardly a matter of surprise that the Daringibadi region of the district,which incidentally is the coldest place in Orissa, was one of the most sought after destinations of the Britishers who used to come here for pleasure trips.

Geography of Phulbani

The Phulbani district can be divided into two geographical sub-divisions:Phulbani and Baliguda.Phulbani sub-division forms a broken plateau of about 518 mtrs above sea level, gridled continously by high ranges which cut it off from the sorrounding area. On the north-east and west these ranges quite perceptibly rise abruptly from the plains of Boudh district while on the south they merge in the outlines of the Eastern Ghats of Balliguda Subdivision.

The high plateau lying within these ranges is broken up by numerous smaller ranges which form an endless series of valleys varying in size. Thick forest cover much of these tracks and the villages lie in scattered along the hill sides and in valleys below, while some are in almost inaccessible places on the top most summits of the hills. Dense forests cover most of the sub division with the small hamlets of the kondhas scattered here and there. This hilly tract is intersected in all directions by streams and torrent, which run dry after the cessation of the rains. The uplands and slopes leading down from the foot of the hills are utilized for growing dry crops periodically depending on the rain.

The area of cultivated land is small. The Balliguda Sub-division is on the plateau and lies at height varying from 300 meters to 1100 meters above the mean sea level. The eastern side of the sub-division consists of wide well cultivated valleys. The southern portion is mountaineous, covered with dense forests and infested with wild animals. The hills of this Sub-division are a part of the Eastern Ghats.

Situated at an altar of 2000-3000 ft above sea level this region enjoys a very hospitable climate. Summer temperature hovers around 40 - 45° C while the winter temperature can drop to a ow of 2° C.Incidentally the coolest place in Orissa,Darigibadi which experiences snowfalls in the winter, belongs to this district only.