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4 X 60 = 240


2 X 110 = 220

Ib Valley (I & II)(OPGC)

2 X 210 = 420

Proposed thermal plants for which MOU’s have been signed by the government of Orissa.


Sl. No

Name of the Company


Mahanadi Aban Power Co.

Mangalpur, Dhenkanal

GMR Energy Ltd.

Kamalanga, Angul

Sterlite Energy Ltd.

Bhurkhamunda, Jharsuguda



Tata Power Co. Ltd

Naraj, Marthapur, Cuttack

KVK Nilachal Power (P) Ltd.

Kamalanga, Angul

Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd.


Essar Power Ltd.

Talcher, Angul

Jindal Photo Films Ltd.

Pirhasahi, Angul


Bhushan Energy Ltd.



Visa Power Ltd.



Lanco Group Ltd.

Talcher, Angul


Navbharat Power Pvt. Ltd.


Fertilizer Plants in Orissa

There are a few big fertilizer plants in Orissa. These are

  • Paradeep Phosphates Limited - Asia's largest DAP fertilizer Plant in Paradeep.
  • Rourkela Fertiliser Plant - Set up to utilize the residue, by products and surplus gas from the Rourkela Steel Plant.
  • The Orissa Fertilizer and Chemical Limited is located near Kalunga, Sundargarh . The capacity of this fertilizer plant is 45,000 tones per annum.
  • The fourth plant is based in Talcher in Dhenkanal District. It produces 495,000 tones of Urea and 228,000 tones of Nitrogen.
  • The Orissa Fertilizer and Chemical Limited is located near Kalunga. The capacity of this fertilizer plant is 45,000 tones per annum.

Apart from the aforementioned plants there are fertilizer plants located elsewhere. These are the Oswal Chemicals and fertilizers plant located in Paradeep which has been bought by the IFFCO in recent years and the Indian Farmers and Fertilizers Corporation Ltd. is located at Baragarh.

A new phosphate fertilizer complex at Paradeep, a joint venture of Island Republic of Nauru and Government of India has been built. It produces Di-Ammonium Phosphate with a capacity of 2,400 tones per day in first phase. Its second phase also started and produces Phosphoric Acid and Phosphorus Pentaoxide. Deepak Fertilizers to set up ammonium nitrate project at Paradeep

The Aeronautical Industry

The MIG Engine factory at Sunabeda near Koraput is a landmark in the industrial development of Orissa. This factory was established by Hindustan aeronautical Limited (HAL) in collaboration with the former USSR.

Large-scale Industries in Orissa

Paper Mills in Orissa

The manufacture of paper pulp is dependent on bamboo pulp as raw material. Orissa's forests abound in bamboo resources. This raw material being of the weight-losing type, paper factories are raw -material based. The orient paper mills of Brajrajnagar is an ideal example. It gets its cool supplies from Rampur and Hydel power from Hirakud. It has an annual licensed capacity of 69,400 tonnes. Titagarh paper mill at Chaudwar is market oriented. This is because it avails itself of the cheap water transport of the Mahanadi. Its annual capacity is 18,200 tonnes. At Rayagada another paper mill has been set up because of the availability of cheap raw material. It has an annual capacity of 18,200 tonnes.Cotton textile, spinning mills, ceramic, glass and refractory units, sugar factories, caustic soda plants, salt, chemical, paper and rice mills are included in this category.

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