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A Ferro Silicon plant in Theruveli; about 20 kms from Rayagada in Koraput started in 1967. A Silicon Carbide plant is established at Theruveli to manufacture Silicon carbide. Two main companies engaged in manufacturing Ferro-Alloys are Indian Metal & Ferro Alloys Ltd.; manufacturer of Ferro Chrome and Krishna Ferro Products Ltd.; situated in the Rourkela Industrial Town. Another Ferro-chrome plant at Jajpur road run by the IMFA group is operating in Jajpur while a pig iron plant at Badbil runs in the Kronjahr district. All these plants are ore-based as the ore is bulky and cheap.

Power Plants in Orissa

Orissa is the ideal location of Thermal Power Projects. Large coal reserves in Talcher-IB Valley Coalfields of Mahanandi Coalfields Ltd. and abundant water in Hirakud and Rengali reservoirs in close proximity of the coal mines make these locations perhaps the best sites for pit-head power plants in the country. Unlike most States in the country, Orissa is at present surplus in power and with careful planning already undertaken, it will remain so despite speedy growth of industrialization during the coming decades.

The distribution of electricity in the state had been privatized long back from 1996. Other pioneering reforms in the power sector include efficient billing system, installation of electric meters, and reduction of losses.

Hydel Power projects in Orissa

Hydropower is the capture of the energy of moving water for some useful purpose. Prior to the widespread availability of commercial electric power, hydropower was used for irrigation, milling of grain, textile manufacture, and the operation of sawmills.

Consequent to the reform in power sector in Orissa, Orissa Hydro Power Corporation was incorporated in 21 st April 1995 under the companies Act 1956. Its objective are To acquire, establish, operate, maintain, renovate, modernize hydro electric generating stations in the State:

                           Hydro Power Projects in Orissa

Under Operation

Hirakud -I (Burla)

259.5 MW

Hirakud -II (Chipilma)

72 MW


360 MW


250 MW

Upper Kolab

320 MW

Upper Indravati

600 MW


114.75 MW

Under Construction

Potteru Small HE Project

6 MW

Under Expansion

Balimela Extension Project

150 MW (Additions Proposed)

Identified for Future Implementation

Chipilma - B

4 x 50 MW

Hirakud - B

4 x 52 MW

Sindhol Complex

16 x 20 MW

Thermal Power Plants in Orissa

The country today has more than 125 GW of installed capacity. However, it is far from adequate to meet the growing demand for power. There is, therefore, an immense potential for the power sector to grow. Growth in power supply will give greater impetus to all-round economic growth and this in turn, will further fuel demand for power.

Orissa Power Generation Corporation Limited (OPGC) was incorporated on November 14, 1984. OPGC started as a wholly owned Government Company of the State of Orissa with the main objective of establishing, operating & maintaining large Thermal power generating stations.


Power Station [ownership]

Installed Capacity [MW]

State Sector Plants