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Orissa in Brief:Facts and Figures About Orissa

Geographical area 155,707 sq. km
Location 81029’ E to 870 29’ E170 49’N to 220 34’ N
Land Mass 4.7% of India’s landmass
Total forest area 58136 sq. km.
Coastline 482 km.
Cultivable Land 79 Lakh hectares
Irrigated Land 30%
Non Irrigated Land 70%
%ge of Forest land to total Land 37%
Time GMT + 5.30 hrs.
Neighbouring States West Bengal in the north east, Jharkhand in the north, Andhra Pradesh in the south, Chattisgarh in the west, Bay of Bengal on the east.
Climate in Orissa Typically tropical with three major seasons, Summer (March-June), Rainy (July-September), Winter (October-February).
Average rainfall 150 cm.
Population of Orissa 36804660 (2001 census), 3.58% of country's Population. Population density 236 per square km. Male - 1,86,60,570, Female - 1,81,44,090 and the sex ratio F:M is 972:1000. The urban population is 55,17,238 whereas rural is 3,12,87,422.
Density of Population 236 per Square kilometer
Literacy rate Total 63.08 percent; 71.35 percent male and 50.51 percent female.
Literacy rate among Schedule Caste Population 36.8%
Literacy rate among Schedule Tribe Population 22.3%
Per Capita Income Rs 8,547 (2001Census)
Human Development Rank 11(2001 Census)
Urban Population as %ge of total Population 14.97%(2001 Census)
Rural Population as %ge of total Population 85.03% (2001 Census
Most populated City Cuttack
Religion The majority (over 94 percent) consists of Hindus. Muslim, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhist and Jains form a very small minority.
Language Unilingual Oriya speaking state.
Administrative setup Total districts 30 – Largest – Mayurbhanj and smallest being Jagatsinghpur Blocks: 314
Administrative Units
Districts 30
Sub Divisions 58
Tehsils 171
Development Blocks 314
Political Representation
Assembly Seats 147
No.of seats in Lok Sabha 21
No. of Seats in Vidhan Sabha 10
Orissa Tourist Attractions Time honoured temples, virgin beaches, lakes, tribal areas, handicrafts and handlooms, wildlife reserves, majestic monuments, fair and festivals.
Transportation Airport at Bhubaneswar; Total railway route length - 2287 km; broad gauge railway network about-2401 km; Total length of surfaced roads about 14,870 km, criss-crossed by a network of national and state highways.