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Map of Nayagarh district of OrissaThe District of Nayagarh lies between 190 54’ to 200 32' North latitude and 840 29' to 850 27' East longitude covering a landmass of 3890 sq.km.The Nayagarh District of orissa is flanked by the Cuttack district in the North, Phulbani district in the West, Ganjam district in the South and Khurda district in the East.

Geography of Nayagarh

This district is situated in the hilly ranges in the West and its North Eastern parts has formed a small well cultivated fertile valleys intersected by small streams. Being situated at a higher altitude,it reamins above flood level. The river Mahanadi flows in the Eastern boundary. The climate of the District is extreme with exceptionally high temperature in summers and very cool winters.

Nayagarh is well irrigated with number of rivers flowing through it.Mahanadi flows in this district forming beautiful gorge of Satkosia.Similarly river Brutanga a tributary of river Mahanadi that rises from the hilly areas of Phulbani and Bhanjanagar, carries large volumes of water to the river Mahanadi. Malaguni River emanates from the hills of Ranpur Tahasil and takes a winding course before merging in Chilika Lake. The KUSUMI rver rising from Panchabati in Bhanjanagar Sub-Division of Ganjam District flows through the district before meeting with Duanta and Dahuka near Khandapara borderk and flowing into Mahanadi near Kantilo.Other river that flw here include Budhabudhiani ,Kuanria and Dahuka where medium Irrigation projects have been constructed.