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The Sepoy mutiny of 1857 brought all the princely states within the country as one unit to fight against the maladministration of the Britishers.However the Princely order of Orissa couldnot join in any effective way. The sepoy mutiny of 1857 flickered in a section of Indian Millitary in the barrack of Calcutta but it spread like wild fire and soon consumed the entire nation.Surendra Sai and Chaki Khuntia figure prominiently in the fight for independence along with Dora Bisoi and Chakra Bisoi of Bhanjanagar.

Surendra Sai

Veer Surendra Sai led the sepoy mutiny in OrissaThe Sambalpur region showed a spectacular upsurge under Surendra Sai to shake the British rule in western Orissa. Sureneder Sai had taken on the British forces as early as 1833 and had been sentenced to life imprisionment.36 years before the Sepoy mutiny started due to resistance by the Indian princely States on the issue of transter of legacy to Britishers on the event of absence of a male heir apparent to the throne,Surendra Sai had Challenged the motives of the British Government on the same grounds.When the Sepoy Mutiny begun he was languishing in the Hajaribagh jail.He broke free in 1857 and continued with the revolt.

Surendra Sai was born in a small town Khinda about 21miles away from Sambalpur and belonged to the Royal Chowhans of Ajmer who had come to Sambalpur to rule long ago. Sai’s family ruled over Sambalpur for a long period. In the year 1827 King Maharaja Singh died without any child and successor. The British made the widow of the King Maharaja Singh to rule over the throne. Later in the year 1833, Surendra Sai, who was the legal heir apparent to the throne, had been sidelined by the Britishers in having another person Narayan Singh sit on the throne as the successor. The Jamindar’s and Gontiyas of Sambalpur did not accept this.Led by Surendra Sai, they revolted against the King. He was only eighteen years in 1827 when he revolted against the British. The British had to fight hard for 13 long years till 1840 until they could arrested him and sentenced him alongwith Balaram Sai and Bhajanta Sai to life imprisonment.

Surendra Sai  was still in the jail in Hazaribag when the Sepoy mutiny broke out in 1857.He sensed his chance and broke out of the jail. And revolted against the British. He was well versed in “Gorilla Warfare”. It goes to the credit of the remarkable hero and his daring followers that while the revolt everywhere in India subsided within a brief period, it continued to linger in inaccessible areas of western Orissa for He was not given sufficient support from others as a result he surrendered on 16th May 1862.

 After that he was released for sometime but he was once again sentenced to jail in January 1864 in Asirgad jail.He had spent thirty-six years of his life in jail out of his 75 years life span.

Chandan Hajuri

Chandan hazuri: The great freedom fighter from OrissaChandan Hajuri, a Panda at Puri became a known name during the Sepoy Mutiny among the Sepoys.Known for his mastery of the scriptures,the cunning Brahmin who was quite close to the royal places of Jhansi and advisor to Rani Laxmibai, assumed the role of spreading the message of revolution among the Sepoys and thereby igniting the patriotic fervour in them.With considerable influence on the sepoys, this priestly messenger of the revolution carried his secret mission to create dissatisfaction against the Government. The daring activities of Chandan Hajuri, called for a good deal of alertness from the Government to prevent the revolutionary movements in Orissa.He was arrested in Bihar, and was released after the declaration of amnesty by Queen Victoria in November, 1858. He was however dissuaded from making any moments outside his hometown Puri where he died in the year 1870.

Dora Bisoi and Chakra Bisoi

The rebellion of the tribals was led by Dora Bioi and his nephew Chakra Bisoi.Disgruntled with the British administration, they fought for independence a decade before the uprising of the first war of independence.Both of them were able to create awkening among the triblas residing on far flung places and. The suppression of Mariah sacrifice by the British Rule, had hurt the pride of the local khonds in the Mariah Agency and the discontent among the khonds spread like a conflagration.Dora Bisoi and his nephew Chkara Bisoi were able to mobilize the tribals into a guerilla warfare that continued for over a decade. Chakra Bisoi was captured by deceit and finally hanged Dora however remained fugitive and evaded arrest.

Ramakrushna Samantasinghar

Ramakrushna Samanta Singhar, the heir of great poet Abhimanyu Samanta Singhar was born in Burran Paragana under Jajpur Police station of Cuttack District. He happened to be the Ex-Zamindar of Balia. On account of the Sunset Law introduced by Lord Cornwallis, he along with many Zamindars was deprived of Zamindari. So in August 1857, he organized the Khandayats under his banner to rise against the British.Dinabandhu Mahapatra and Upendra Jena were two other leaders. Bombs and swords were seized from them and police oppression was carried out.They were arrested and Ramakrushna and his allies were sentenced to five years rigorous imprisonment. After the declaration of amnestyby the Brirish Government in November, 1858