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About Mayurbhanj

Map of Mayurbhanj district of OrissaLoacted between 850 40/ to 870 11/ East longitude and 210 16/ to 220 34/ North latitude,Mayurbhanj is the largest district in Orissa covering 10418 sq.km.With the size of land it forms around 6.68% of total geographical area of the state.The district is landlocked and hilly.Also it being one of the bordering districts of Orissa,its frontiers touch two states viz Bihar and West Bengal.It is flanked by Keonjhar and Bihar in the west, West Bengal to its East,district of Balesawar to its South and west Bengal and Bihar to its north. Also with an area of 1641.89 Sq.km under forests,it is the district with largest area under forest in the state. The district is known worldwide for its unique form of dance ‘the Chau and the Jhumar’.Another thing that is typical of Mayurbhanj is “The Mudi”,the puffed rice which is a very popular diet of the place.Mayurbhanj district is mainly inhabited by the tribals who constitutre 57.67% of its population,Bhumijas and Kolhas being the chief among them.

Geography of Mayurbhanj

The geography of Mayurbhanj can be divided into three natural divisions. The first one being the hilly terrains that cover the centre of the district running across most of the region.Mostly consisting the Simlipal mountains,the hill divides the district into the rest two separate geographical regions ,Western and Eastern. The Eastern part is made up of fertile slopes that stretch from the foot hills to the sea. The Western part is mainly made up of plain lands with gentle slopes and rocky hills. The temperature of the region is moderate with summer temperature crossing 38°C while the winter temperature hovers around 8°C.