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Places of Interest in Malkangiri

Balimela reservoir of MalkangiriBalimela: Balimela block of Malkangiri District, is known fora Hydero-electric Project that has been established here jointly by the Government of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Surrounded by lush green forests this place is ideal for picnickers.

Bonda hills of MalkangiriBonda Hills: Bonda Hills of theKhoirputput Block of Malkangiri District are known as the living place of Bondas,the primitive tribal community in Malkangiri District. The place is surrounded on all sides by dense hilly forest. The Bondas to this date lead the life by hunting and collecting forest produce.Some of them can still be traced roaming without clothes.

Ammakunda waterfalls of MalkangiriAmmakunda: Ammakunda is one of the tourist places in Malkangiri District. This place is known for a natural water fall and subsequent flow of water forming a narrow gorge. The fishes found in that gorge are quite friendly to the human being and are believed to be the form of Lord Vishnu in " Matsya Avatar". Fishing is barred in this place and visitors enjoy their stay at this place by feeding the fishes. This area is surrounded by dense forest and small hillocks.

Motu: Motu is the southernmost point of the Malkangiri District situated at 150 feet from the sea level at the confluence of the rivers Sabari and Sileru. This Tahasil Headquarter attracts the tourists for it's beautiful "Jagannath Temple" and "Moogi Point"- the extreme south point on the bank of the confluence of the river Savari and Sileru. Difference in colour of the water of these two rivers can be marked even after confluence.

Satiguda:a great picnic spot in MalkangiriSatiguda Dam: Satiguda Dam is situated at a distance of 8 Kms. from Malkangiri Town. The Reservoir provides irrigation facility to the near by cultivable land throughout the year. The natural beauty of the Dam can be enjoyed in the early morning and evening hours. Boating facility is also available inside the Reservoir, which attracts visitors as well as the local people. Lord Shiva is being worshiped inside a cave near the Dam. Being surrounded by a large number of small hills this place is considered to be the most favourite picnic spot of the people.

Bda Yatra of MalkangiriManyamkonda: Manyamkonda is one of the GPs of Kalimela Block and is situated at a distance of about 90 Kms from the District Headquarter. This is an important religious place in Malkangiri District as the famous God of the Malkangiri District (Lord Mahaprabhu) is worshiped at this place.Every alternate year the famous festival known as "Bada Yatra" of Malkangiri begins from this place to Malkangiri "Mauli Maa Temple". Three deities namely "Kanam Raju","Pota Raju" , "Bal Raju" who are respectively Lord Krishna and Pandav princes Bhima and Arjuna are worshiped in this festival. The scenic beauty of this place and the temple of the Lord Mahaprabhu arrtacts a large number of religious visitors to this place.

Hill Temples: Bhairavi Temple is situated at a distance of 3 Kms. from the Malkangiri Town. The deity is believed to have been be worshiped by the King of Malkangiri whose castle's remins are still found on the Raja Rani Hill just infront of Bhairavi temple. A famous Shiva Linga is found in the near by "Goi Hill". The height of the Shiva Linga is more that 6 feet and ot is claimed that it is gradually gaining heights.The famous "Tarini Temple" is situated at a distance of 2 Kms. from Malkangiri town on the way to Jeypore. The scenic beauty as well as the religious importance of this temple attracts people and piligrims alike.