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Maa Samlei - A short Introduction

Maa SamleiBased in Sambalpur, Maa Samleswari is the presiding deity of Western orissa.She is not only a strong religious force but also a symbol of the Sambalpuri culture.Worshipped from ancient times as Jagatjanani, Adishakti, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati, Maa Samlei, it is argued by some historians date back to the Grecco Roman age.

The Idol of Samalei Devi consists of a large block of Granite rock with an inverted, trunk like projection at the bottom. A shallow cut on her "Baraha" like face symbolises her mouth. Traditional Sambalpuri nose ornament of pure gold hangs down from her imaginary nose Beaten gold leave fixed on two disproportionate golden eye like depression on the face acts as substitute for her eyes in an attempt to define the face of the mother deity on a mass of self shaped rock, the Devi's idol inspires sublime sentiments of awe, fear, reverence, devotion, love and affection towards all pervading motherhood. Consonnat to Her grand stature, The Mother has elaborate rituals and festivals that are celebarted with usual pomp in Her temple at Sambalpur. Please click on the links below to know more on Maa Samlei.