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The Lion and the Mouse

Lion and the Mouse,Aesop's FableOne summer afternoon, after having a sumptuous meal the lion was resting under the tree. A little mouse lived on the tree and seeing the lion sleeping decided to play pranks on him. He started dancing on the lion. No sooner did the lion wake, he put his huge paw on the little creature angrily threatening to kill him.

The little mouse was completely dazed but regaining her posture said "Oh! great one! Please have mercy on me. You are the king of the forest and I am but a small mouse. Killing me doesn’t suit your stomach or stature! Please spare me and I promise to be helpful to you whenever the need arises!

The lion laughed at the thought - "How can this tiny creature help me?” But he also agreed to the fact that killing him neither suited neither his stomach nor stature! So he let him go.

A few days later while roaming around in the forest, the lion was trapped in the hunter’s net. However hard he tried, he simply got more and more entangled into it. He roared heavily and angrily but to no use. At this juncture, the little mouse saw the lion. He brought his friends together and all gnawed the strong ropes of the net with their tiny sharp teeth until the lion was free.


Moral: If you help others, others will help you too.