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Lakshmi Puja

laxmi puja: important festivals of Orissa

Observed with much pomp and grandeur in Dhenkanal town, Lakshmi Puja commences from the full moon day of Aswin and continues for a week. This autumn festival is one of the most popular and important festivals of Orissa. The goddess of wealth is worshipped for one day and in some places it is celebrated even for 7 to10 days. The festival is religiously celebrated by the business community in Orissa .Richly decorated and beautifully made idols Gaja Lakshmi are installed on the Puja mandaps and the festival instills a spirit of holiness and sanctity in the whole community so much so that people of other faiths participate in it with abundant warmth and sincerity.

This festival of orissa is also known as Kumar Purnima. Girls and boys wear new clothes and enjoy a good time with family and friends. Girls observe fasting for the day. In the evening when the moon rises they again perform special Puja. They sing and dance the whole night. They also play a kind of game known as 'Puchi.