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Kela Keluni Dance

kela keluni dance

The Kelas are a class of wandering tribe in Orissa who roam about the countryside to earn livelihood by  catching snakes and birds. They practice a form of dance that involve tight-rope walking and other varieties of gymnastics.This folk dance of orissa is called as the Kela Keluni dance.

In the dance only two persons take part, a Kela(male) and Keluni (the female) . The Kela plays a string instrument Ghuduki which produces a peculiar sound. He works out rhythms by playing his fingers in strokes on a string. He dances with the Keluni and also sings. The dance of the Keluni is fast with swaying movements of legs, hips and the head. There are also exalted actions in half-sitting position. Generally it is she who carries the show. The songs are of a special variety and are popularly known as Kela-Keluni Geeta in which love and humor dominates the sequences. This dance is fast dying but it is being adopted by professional Jatra troupes and other groups of entertainers.