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Kalinga Mahotsav

Kalinga Mahotsav, the two days long martial dance festival of Orissa is organized every year in the month of February at the Vishwa Shanti Stupa or the Peace Pagoda, the place where the Kalinga war is believed to have been fought. Owing to its historical significance the festival is celebrated with the aim to encourage people to follow the path of peace and calm, rather than fighting amongst themselves. Organized by Art Vision, in collaboration with Orissa Tourism and Nalco, it is a two day long annual festive occasion that showcases martial dance forms of the country.

During its celebrations, you get to see the live performances of distinctive martial dance forms of the country. Popular martial dance forms performed here include Thang Ta of Manipur, Kalaripayattu of Kerala and Chhau and Paika of Orissa.

The Martial dancers interpret incredible postures of aggression, self-defense and escape in graceful dance-forms with their swords, spears and shields. The calm and solemn statue of Buddha overlooking the entire stage from the top of the Stupa and the tranquil expanse of the countryside populated by paddy fields and cashew plantations provides the peaceful background to the outburst of movements and sounds which accompany the performance of the martial artists.