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About Jajpur

Map of the  Jajpur districtJajpur,the ancient capital of Orissa is situated in the bank of the Baitrani river. It is home to the sacred shrine of Goddess Biraja (Durga), Sveta Baraha (incarnation of Lord Vishnu as the white boar), Sapta Matruka and a host of other shrines. It is famous for Saktipitha of Goddess Biraja. Th district owes the name to the Somvamsi King Jajati Keshari who had founded the town of Jajpur in the early 10th Century. Located between 200.30’ – 210.10’ N Latitude and 850.40’ – 860.44’ E Longitude covering an area of 2887.69 sq.km ,it is bounded by Baitarini in the north and the districts Keonjhar & Bhadrak.In the south Cuttack district and in the east Dhenkanal and in the west Kendrapara district.

Geography of Jajpur

Jajpur lies at a height of 331 meters above sea level and enjoys a temperate climate .Winters are cold with temperatures dropping to 12°C.While the summers are oppressive with average temperature hovering around 38°C. The region receives heavy rainfall with the onset of monsoon in June and is prone to Cyclones as well. Jajpur district is well irrigated with major rivers like Baitarani, Kani, Kharasrota, Budha, Badagenguti, Brahmani, Kelua and Birupa flowing through its heartland.