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Types of Mahaprasad

Mahaprasad of PuriMahaprasad meant for Lord Jagannath is of two types, dry and cooked. Anna, kanika, besara, dali, dalma, khatta, mahura, saga are the cooked Mahaprasad and gaja, khaja, puli, chakuli, manohara, jhili, arisa, kakara and podapitha are the dry Mahaprasad.

The rice when dried is called Nirmalaya and what is eaten with two fingers is called Kaibalya. It is believed to mingle with the body and pave the way for salvation.

Among Oriya families Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath is considered sacred for feasts during shradha ceremonies. Nirmalaya is offered to a dying person. It is believed that after taking part of nirmalya everything becomes sacred. There is a caste of servitors among the 36 types in the Jagannath temple of Puri called Kumbhakaras or potters, who provide the earthen pots called kudua and handi in which the Mahaprasad is available. The king of Puri had provided them with 143 acres of land for this purpose. They have a significant role to perform in the everyday cooking in the holy temple. And for that they recover Khei or food for one meal.

Mahaprasad are sold in Anand Bazar  of the temple which is situated on the north east corner of the outer enclosure of the temple. It is the biggest open-air hotel in the world where every day thousands of devotees purchase and eat together forgetting their caste, creed and status. Most of the residents in and around Puri depend upon this Mahaprasad to entertain their guests during social functions such as threading and weddings. Dried rice Mahaprasad known as “Nirmalya” is also used by devotees and tourists for different sacred occasions.