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Jagannath Besha:An Introduction Why the Beshas of Jagannath

Beshas/Adornments of The Lord Jagannnath

The Royal King of Orissa, Lord Jagannath is treated above all kings in his palace (the Sri Mandir).He along with his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra are, in consonance with the royal treatment, adorned with various costumes and robes studded with precious stones, flowers etc that are kept changing through out the day. Apart from the daily change of robes, the lord adorns 32 different Beshas (costumes) throughout the year. These adornments/Beshas are held amidst elaborate arrangement with the prescribed convention and rituals during different parts of the year. All except two Beshas of the lord are held at different parts of the years. These two adornments/Beshas are the Nagarguna Besha & Raghunath Besha are held rarely.

Mentioned below are the important Beshas of the Lord.Please click on the respective Beshas to know more in detail.

Bada Singhar Besha Naba Jaubana Besha  Harihara Besha  Ghodalagi Besha  
Abakasha Besha  Chita Lagi Amavasya Besha Laxmi Narayana Besha  Jamalagi Besha 
Sadha Besha  Banabhoji Besha  Banka Chuda Besha  Pausa Abhiseka  
Chandan Besha Kaliya Dalana Besha  Tribikram Besha  Padma Besha 
Raghunatha Besha  Pralambasura Besha   Laxmi Nrusingha Besha  Gaja Uddharana Besha  
Rukmini Haran Besha  Krushna Balarama Besha  Nagarjuna Besha  Nabanka Besha 
Suna Besha  Bali Baman Besha   Rajrajeswara Besha  Chacheri Besha  
Hati or Ganpati Besha Rai Damodar/ Radha Mohan Besha  Sradha Besha Raja Besha