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Kitchen: The largest kitchen in the world with over 240 fireplaces/chulis and a fleet of 600 Suaras or cooks and 400 assistants who cook food for the deity, the Roshei Ghar of Lord Jagannath is situated in the south east direction of the outer compound of Sri Mandir. The kitchen hall is a prohibited place and no visitor except the cooks are allowed to enter this part of the Jagannath temple complex. Everyday, after the Homa, which is called Rosha Homa performed in the kitchen, the cooks collect a part of the sacrificial fire and use it in their respective fire places (chulis) to cook Abhada in earthen pots. Water is drawn from a well inside the kitchen complex that is known as Ganga Jamuna. Water of this well only is used for cooking.

Koili Vaikuntha: Located in between the outer and inner compound wall of the north-western corner, Koili Baikuntha is popularly believed to be the place where Lord Sri Krishna was cremated. Following the Nabakalabera (change of images) that takes place in every 12 years, the old images are buried here at a depth of 20 feet.

Jaganth temple in twilightNiladri Bihar: A museum displaying the life, incidents and happenings of the Lord is situated in the Western gate of the temple with the help of clay models. This is called the Niladri Vihar.A small Entry fees is charged to visit this Museum.

Nilachal Upabana : Towards the southern and western quarters of the Outer enclosure, extensive gardens to meet the daily worship requirements of the Lord like Tulsi, Flowers etc have been developed. Visitors are allowed here on payment of a minimal amount as fees.

Snana Mandap : There is a 30 feet high pavilion known as Snana Mandap in the northern side of the outer enclosure of the Jagannath temple with a throne in the middle. It is the bathing platform meant for the deities. The length and breadth of this bathing platform is 76 feet. During Devasnana Purnima (sixteen days before the commencement of the famous Ratha Yatra every year) the deities, Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are physically taken in a procession to this pavilion for bathing.

Anand Bazar : Anand Bazar is situated towards the northern side of the inner enclosure apprehable through the eastern entrance of the of the temple. All types of Bhoga cooked rise Abhada), Dali (cooked pulses) Mahura, Besa (different types of cooked vegetable, Khata (sour dishes), Sugar (cooked green leans), different kinds dry Bhogas like Khaja, Ladu and Cakes and sold here.