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Kuttam Chandi Temple: Another expression of the dormant Shakti Cult in the Jagannath temple is that of The Kuttam Chandi temple.The image of kuttam Chandi with the body of a dog and head of human is supposed to be originally that of Mother Bhairavi, the chief Tantric/Shakti deity. A part of the Shakti cult claims that it was this image that adorned the main sanctum of the temple and since the offerings made to the Mother after invocation were given to a dog, she has assumed this form. They also claim that the Vaishnavaites on a later part of time had the image removed and installed the current image of Lord Jagannath.

Surya Yantra Temple : In this temple of Yantra (drawing) of Sun-God is seen engraved in the daily rituals of the temple, the worship of the God Sun comes first of all other activities

Khetrapal Temple: Khetrapal is the guardian of the main temple and the entire complex. The image of Khetrapal is installed in the Khetrapal temple.

Muktimandapa : The dais like pavilion located in front of the Southern Entrance is the place where the scholars deliberate on religious texts and give their viewpoints on religious law and customs.Raised to a height of 38 sq.ft the pavilion was constructed in 1578 AD by Rani Gouri Devi, the wife of the Mogul General Raja Man Singh.

Narsimha Temple: This temple placed adjacent to the Mukti Mandap contains some very ancient inscriptions scribbled on its wall. It is an accepted fact that the temple was constructed by Choda Ganga Dev and the image of Lord Narshima was installed here prior to the installation of the images of the Lord Jagannath in the Jagannath temple.

Kanchi Ganesh Temple : This temple facing south has an unique image of dancing Ganesha that is also known as the Nata Ganesh.

Rohinikund: Rohinikunda is a small water-pot made of stone lying near the Kanchi ganesh Temple. Legends have it that once a thirsty crow fell in the water of this water-pit and soon it assumed four handed form resembling that of Lord Vishnu.

Bimala Temple : One of the important Sakti centres of the country, the temple of Bimala is held in high esteem among the tantric cult.

Inside Jagannath templeSakhigopal Temple: The temple was built and the idol of Lord Sakhi Gopinath installed here by the King Purusottam Deb .An ardent devotee of Lord Jagannath, he after his conquest of Kanchi had brought the image from there and had it installed in the temple premises.

Bhanda Ganesh : Once again a tantric deity, the idol of Bhanda Ganesh is believed to have been brought from Karnataka and installed in the temple premises by King Kapilendra Dev during 15th Century AD. Sculptural designs on the image stand testimony to its origin.

Khirachora Gopinath : A black marble image of Child Krishna is worshipped in the temple as Khirochora Gopinath.

Bhubaneswari Temple: Five Adimata (primordial mothers) Goddess Saraswati, Gayatri, Sabitri, Sasthi and Bhubaneswari are worshipped in Bhubaneswari Temple. This temple is also known as Panchasakti temple.

Pateleswari Mandir The Pateleswari temple is situated to the west of the north gate of the Kurma Prachira. Some portion of the temple lies under ground. King Anangavima Deva had built this temple.

Panchashakti Mandir In this temple five "adimatrukas" are worshipped in accordance with Shakti Puja. These adimatrukas are Saraswati,Gayatri,Sabitri,Sasthi and Bhubaneswari.It is customary to make prostrations before these adimatrukas prier to visiting Lord Jagannath.

Outer Enclosure

Outer enclosure of Jagannath templeThe portion between Meghanada Pacheri (the outer wall) and kurma Bedha (the inner wall) or the inner enclosure of the Jagannath temple is known as Bahar Bedha or Outer enclosure. There are different temples and complexes in the outer enclosure. The temples, idols and complexes include:

  • Temples of Baikuntheswara
  • Radhakrushna (also called Bardhaman)
  • Tapasyi, Hanuman
  • Sri Uttarayani
  • Sitala, Bedha Lokanath
  • Aishaneswara
  • Dakshinadwar Mahadeva
  • Sri Rama Chandra
  • Shadabhuja
  • Gouranga
  • Hiranya Vidaram
  • Nrusimha
  • Barabhai
  • Hanuman
  • Ladu Gopal
  • Purana Sabha
  • Nrusimha
  • Budhi Maa.
  • Paschimadwar Hamuna
  • Chakranarayan Deva
  • Niladri Bihar
  • Saraghar Ganesh
  • Annapurna
  • Ananda Bazar
  • Snana Bhedi
  • Chahani Mandap
  • Rosaghar (Temple Kitchen)

The important ones among these deserve special mention. These are: