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Important Festivals of Orissa

Orissa has its own set of 13 festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. The festivals of Orissa are designed in such a manner that it has relevance with science, spiritualism, history, mythology etc. Apart from the traditional festivals that are celebrated by people in Orissa, there are these festivals that the tribal inhabitants of the state celebrate with much fervor. The tribal festivals of Orissa are noted for their energy, spirit and color.

Almost all festivals being celebrated in Orissa owe their origin to Lord Jagannath or else the agricultural seasons. There are a few festivals in the state that are more prominent than others. These are the Raja Festival, the Car Festival of Lord Jagannath and the Panchuka Purnima.

Tribals living in the hill land of Orissa have their own set of festivals. Their festivities are noted for the spirit and colors. Most Important tribal festivals of Orissa are the Karma festival, Chaita Parba and the Kedu Festival.

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