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1980 - Eigth Assembly of Orissa Legislative Council

The election for the Eighth Assembly was held on the 31st May, 1980 and the new Assembly was constituted with effect from the 9th June, 1980. Election for Nimapara Constituency was countermanded due to death of the candidate. Members took oath on the 11th and 12th June, 1980 and Shri Prasanna Kumar Dash was protem Speaker. The first session was commenced on the 30th June, 1980. As per the result of the election, the party position in Orissa Legislative Assembly was as follows:

Indian National Congress 117
Janata (S) 13
Janata(J.P.)(Ch.C.Singh) 3
C.P.I 4
Indian National Congress (U) 2
Independents 7
Vacant 1
Total 147

Shri Janaki Ballav Patanik, the Leader of the Congress (I) became the Chief Minister on the 9th June, 1980. At that time he was not the Member of the House. In the bye-election Shri Patnaik was elected from Athagarh Constituency. Shri Biju Patnaik, Janata (CS) elected both from Patkura Assembly Constituency and Kendrapara Parliamentary Constituency, resigned on the 11th June, 1980 as a member of the Assembly. Shri Rasananda Sahoo, Congress (I) Member form Athagarh Constituency resigned on the 7th October, 1980 to make way for election of Shri J.B Patnaik. In the Bye-election for three seats held on the 23rd November, 1980, two seats (Athagarh and Nimapara ) went to the Congress (I) and one seat (Patkura)to Janata (CS). Shri Somnath Rath was unanimously elected as Speaker on the 12th June, 1980 and Shri Himansu Sekhar Padhi was elected Deputy Speaker on the 2nd July, 1980. Shri Rath resigned on the 11th February, 1984 and joined the Council of Ministers. Shri Prasanna Kumar Dash was elected as Speaker on the 22nd February, 1984.None of the Opposition Parties secured the requisite number of seats to form a recognised Opposition Party. With resignation of 2 members from the Lok Dal, the party had 11 members in the Legislature. Consequent upon the merger of Janata (CS) or Lok Dal and Janata (J.P.) the new party came to be known as the Janata Legislature party with 14 members on the 23rd February, 1983. Shri Sarat Deb was the leader of the Janata Legislature Party. However, on the 2nd April, 1984 an United Front Legislature Party with the Members of the Janata party and some members of C.P.I. was formed with Shri Sarat Deb (Janata) as its Leader. As the Front had the requisite number to from the Parliamentary Party, Shri Deb was declared the Leader of opposition. Subsequently the members of C.P.I. withdrew from the Front, but as some members of the Democratic Socialist Party joined the Front, the status of the Leader of the opposition was not affected. On the 5th September, 1984 Democratic Socialist Party came into being in the legislature with two members who had resigned from Congress (I). The Eighth Assembly had total 10 sessions with 176 sitting days and it was dissolved on the 9th March, 1985. The Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers resigned on the same day.

1985 - Ninth Assembly of Orissa Legislative Council

The General Election for the Ninth Assembly was held on the 5th March, 1985 for 145 seats (out of 147 seats), since elections for Kakatpur and Keonjhar seats were countermanded due to death of the contesting candidates. Shri Janaki Ballav Patnaik, who was elected from both Athagarh and Khurda Constituencies, resigned his membership from Khurda Constituency on the 15th March, 1985.

As per the results of the election for 145 seats, the Party position in the Assembly was as below :

Indian National Congress 117
Janata Party 19
C.P.I 1
B.J.P 1
Independents 7
Vacant 2
Total 147

The new Assembly was constituted on the 9th March, 1985.Shri Janaki Ballav Patnaik, the Leader of the Congress Legislature Party was sworn in as the Chief Minister on the 10th March, 1985 and five Cabinet Ministers and ten Ministers of State were sworn in on the 12th March, 1985. Shri Shradhakar Supakar was the Protem Speaker.The newly elected members took oath on the 13th March, 1985. The first Session of the Ninth Assembly commenced on the 14th March, 1985. Shri Prasanna Kumar Dash, the Speaker of the dissolved Assembly was unanimously elected as the Speaker on the 14th March, 1985 and Shri Chintamani Dyan Samantra was unanimously elected as Deputy Speaker on the 18th March, 1985.