Orissa News

Indian National Congress 69
Swatantra Party 21
Utkal Congress 35
Jharkhand 1
C.P.I 7
C.P.I.(M) 3
Jana Congress 1
Socialist Party 2
Independents 7
Vacant 1
Total 147

General Election to Chilka Assembly Constituency was not held as no nomination was filed. Smt. Nandini Satpathy, Leader of the Congress Party, formed the Ministry on the 6th March, 1974. Shri Biju Patnaik, Leader of Pragati Legislature Party was declared Leader of the Opposition on 19th March, 1974 and continued as such till the 10th December 1974.In the bye-election held on the 7th July, 1974, Shri Raghunath Ray, I.N.C. candidate was elected from the Chilka Assembly Constituency.Towards the end of 1974, Bharatiya Lok Dal, a new All-India Party came into being with the merger of seven parties including .Utkal Congress, Swatantra and S.S.P. On the 10th December, 1974, Pragati Legislature Party was renamed as Bharatiya Lok Dal Legislature Party and Shri Biju Patnaik as the Leader of the Bharatiya Lok Dal was declared Leader of Opposition. Shri Patnaik continued as such till 24th March, 1977.

The Janata Party was formed with the amalgamation of Bharatiya Lok Dal, Congress (O) and the Socialist Party in early 1977. On the 31st March, 1977 formation of the Janata Legislature Party was announced in the House and Shri Ram Prasad Mishra, Leader of Janata Legislature Party, was declared the Leader of Opposition and he continued to function as such till 30th April, 1977. Smt. Satpathy resigned on 16th December, 1976 and Orissa was placed under President’s Rule till 29th December, 1976, but the Assembly was kept under suspended animation. Shri Binayak Acharya was elected as the Leader of the Congress Party in place of Smt. Satpathy and became the Chief Minister of Orissa on 29th December, 1976 and continued as such till 30th April, 1977. The State was placed again under President’s Rule from 30th April, 1977 to 26th June, 1977. Shri Braja Mohan Mohanty was the Speaker and Shri Chintamani Jena was the Deputy Speaker of the Sixth Assembly.The Sixth Assembly had all total 9 sessions with 150 sitting days and it was dissolved on 30th April, 1977.

1977 - Seventh Assembly of Orissa Legislative Council

The election to the Seventh Assembly was held on the 10th June, 1977.The party position of the Seventh Assembly is given below as per the election result in the year 1977 :

Janata Dal 110
Congress 26
C.P.I 1
C.P.I.(M) 1
Independents 9
Total 147

Elected members took oath on the 29th June, 1977. The first session of the Seventh Assembly was summoned to meet on the 20th July, 1977. Shri Nilamani Routray the Leader of the Janata party became the Chief Minister on the 26th June, 1977. Shri Chintamani Panigrahi, Leader of the Congress Legislature Party was the Leader of the Opposition and continued as such till the 20th February, 1978. Indian National Congress suffered second split in 1978. Indian National Congress (I) with 15 members was recognized a Legislature Party on the 20th February, 1978 and its Leader Shri Brundaban Nayak was declared Leader of Opposition. The other faction subsequently came to be known as Congress (U) There was split in the Janata party on the 13th September, 1979. Janata (O) Legislature Party with 28 members was given recognition and its leader Shri Prahallad Mallick was declared Leader of the Oposition on the 3rd September, 1979 and he continued as such till the 13th February, 1980.Janata (O) Legislature Party was renamed Janata Legislature Party and the Janata Party in power was renamed Lok Dal Legislature Party on the 13th February, 1980. Shri Ananta Narayan Singh Deo of Janata Legislature Party was declared on the same day, the Leader of Opposition in place of Shri Prahallad Mallick. Shri Satyapriya Mohanty was the Speaker and Shri Surendra Nath Nayak was the Deputy Speaker of the Seventh Assembly.

The State was put under President’s Rule on the 17th February, 1980 and the House was dissolved. The Seventh Assembly had all total 7 sessions with 121 sitting days and it was dissolved on 17th February, 1980.