Orissa News

Congress 56
Gantantra Parishad 51
P.S.P 11
C.P.I 9
Independents 13
Total 140

Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab as the Leader of the largest single party in the legislature was appointed Chief Minister on 6th April, 1957. Shri Rajendra Narayana Singh Deo was declared as the Leader of the Opposition. However, the Minority Government proved shaky and the Congress-Gantantra Parishad formed coalition Ministry on the 22nd May, 1959. The coalition Ministry resigned on the 21st February, 1961 due to differences in the Congress Party. President’s Rule was imposed for the first time in the State on 25th February, 1961. The Second Assembly had 7 sessions with 254 sitting days and it was dissolved on 25th February, 1961. Pandit Nilakantha Das was elected Speaker of the Assembly on 27th May, 1957 and Shri Jadumani Mangaraj was elected Deputy Speaker of the Assembly on 29th May, 1957. The tenure of Pandit Nilakantha Das as the Speaker is memorable because of the fact that it was he who drew the attention of the Government of India to the provision of the constitution "whenever the Assembly is dissolved, the Speaker shall not vacate his office until immediately before the first meeting of the Assembly after the dissolution". The Government of India agreed with his interpretation and allowed him to continue in office even after the dissolution of the Assembly. It has now been accepted by the Government of India in all cases of dissolution of the Assemblies in different States.

1961 – Third Assemblyof Orissa Legislative Council

Construction of a separate building for the Assembly at an estimate cost of Rs.25,00,000 with the plinth area of 47,000 Sq.ft. was completed in early part of 1961. The building was inaugurated by the then Vice-President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan on the 12th February, 1961. The Mid-term Election to the Third Assembly was held from the 2nd June to the 8th June, 1961.

The party position in the Third Assembly was as follows:

Congress 82
Gantantra Parishad 37
P.S.P 10
C.P.I 4
Independents 7
Total 140

The elected Members took oath on the 26th and 28th June, 1961. The Third Assembly held its First Session in the new building on the 21st August, 1961. As the Leader of the majority party, Shri Biju Patnaik became the Chief Minister and formed the Ministry on the 23rd June, 1961. Subsequently Shri Biren Mitra and Shri Sadasiva Tripathy became the Chief Minister on the 2nd October, 1963 and 21st February, 1965 respectively. Shri Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo was the Leader of the Opposition during this period. The Assembly had total 10 sessions with 335 sitting days and it was dissolved on the 1st March, 1967. Shri Lingaraj Panigrahi, the former Chief Justice of Orissa High Court was the Speaker and Shri Loknath Mishra was the Deputy Speaker.

1967 - Fourth Assembly of Orissa Legislative Council

The election to the Fourth Assembly was held on the 21st February, 1967.

The Party position in the House was as follows:

Swatantra Party 49
Jana Congress 26
Indian National Congress 31
Praja Socialist Party 21
C.P.I 7
C.P.I.(M) 1
Samyukta Socialist Party 2
Independents 3
Total 140

The newly elected Members took oath on the 17th March, 1967. The First Session of the Assembly met on the 23rd March, 1967. Meanwhile Ganatantra Parishad had merged itself in the Swatantra Party of India. A new regional party, Jana Congress had come into being under the leadership of Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab. Both Swatantra and Jana Congress Party formed the Coalition Government with Shri R.N. Singh Deo, the Leader of the Swatantra Party, as the Chief Minister. Shri Sadasiva Tripathy, the Leader of Congress Party, was declared Leader of Opposition in the Fourth Assembly.