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History of Orissa Post Independence


With the coming of independence, the princely states in and around Orissa surrender their sovereignty to the Government of India. By the states merger (Governor's provinces) order, the princely states of Orissa are completely merged with the Orissa on 19th August 1949, and the new orissa becomes nearly twice its size by the addition of more people to its population.


nabakrushna choudhury,former CM of Orissa

Formation of the second (post independence) ministry under the leadership of Nabakrushna Choudhury.


Dr.hare Krushna MahtabThe third(post - independence) ministry headed by Dr.H.K.Mahatab assumes offices.


Orissa Board of Secondary Education is formed.


Orissa Sahitya Academy is Founded. Completion of Hirakud Dam.


Rourkela Steel Plant

Establishment of Rourkela Steel Plant.


The fourth(post - independence) ministry formed under the leadership of Dr.H.K.Mahatab.


Introduction of the Orissa land Reforms Act of 1960. Seeking comprehensive reform in the land revenue and tenancy laws in the state, it imposes a ceiling on land to possess by a land owner and also provides for the distribution of the celling surplus land by the state.


Orissa State Electricity Board (OSEB) is set up.


Congress forms the fifth (post-independence) ministry under the leadership of Biju Pattnaik. Shri Pattnaik initiates several industrial projects for rapid industrialization of Orissa. Most important and ambitious of the projects are Paradeep Port and the express Highway connecting the port with the mining areas. Bali Mela and Talcher projects, MIG Factory at Sunabeda.

Sadasiva Tripathy,late CMof Orissa1963-65

Congress forms the sixth (post-independence) ministry under the leadership of Biren Mitra of Congress.


Congress forms the seventh(post-independence) ministry under the leadership of Sadasiv Tripathy.


OUAT was founded in 1962The Orissa University of AGriculture and Technology is founded at Bhubaneswar. Orissa Industrial Development corporation and the Orissa Small scale industries corporation are set up.


Establishment of two new universities at Berhampur and Sambalpur. A new part called Jena Congress is formed under the leadership of Harekrushna Mahatab.


Completion of the Paradeep Port.


As the result of an indecisive verdict in the mid term poll held in the March, 1971, the Swatantra Party, the Jharkhand party and the utkal Congress party form a coalition Govt. (ninth post-independence ministry under the leadership of Biswanath Das.


Mrs.Nandini Satpathy became the first lady CM of OrissaMrs. Nandini Satpathy takes over as the chief of the tenth ministry formed after large scale defections from the ruling coalition.


Imposition of presidents rule on 3rd March, 1973.


Mrs Nandini Satpathy forms eleventh ministry.


Nilamani Routray,Ex CM of OrissaMr.Binayak Acharya is sworn in as the chief minister of the twelth minister. The ministry remains in office only 123 days. In a mid term poll the Janta Party laid by Shri Biju Pattnaik secures 110 seats out of 147 seats. Mr.Nilamani Routray is made the chief minister. The ministry remain office till 1980.


Sri Jagannath Sanskrit University is established at Puri.


J B Patnaik, came to power as chief minister of Orissa in 1981Congress party wins a resounding victory to form of the fourteenth ministry in the state. Mr. Janaki Ballav Pattnaik becomes the chief minister.


Dooradarshan television transmission center is established at Cuttack.


Congress party wins an imposing victory in the electronics to the 9th Orissa Legislative Assembly Mr. Janaki Ballab Pattnaik becomes the chief of the fifteenth ministry.


Mr. Hemananda Biswal becomes the Sixteenth Chief minister after the resignation of Shri Janaki Ballav Pattnaik.


Biju PatnaikUnder the dynamic leadership of Shri Biju Pattnaik the Janta Dal wins an astounding victory in the elections to the tenth Orissa Legislative Assembly.


Congress wins  election with  80 of the 147 seats followed by janta dal with 46 seats.11 th legislative assembly constituted on 15th March 1995.Shri J.B.Patnaik elected chief Minister of State with Mr.Hemananda Biswal as the Deputy Chief Minister.

Ex-CM Mr Biju patnaik dies on April 17th 1997.

Biju Janta Dal formed after a split with Janta dal under the aehis of  Mr.naveen Patnaik.

On 12th february 1999, Shri J.B Patnaik resigned from the  chair of Chief Ministership.Dr.Giridhar Gamang takes over from 17th of February as the Chief Minister of the state.

On 6th December Dr.Gamang resigned from Chief Ministership and Mr.Hemanand Biswal took over.

2000 - 2004

Naveen Patnaik, chief Minister of OrissaMr.Naveen Patnaik becomes the chief minister of the state.

2004 - 2009

Mr Naveen Patnaik re-elected as the leader of ruling BJD-BJP coalition and continues as the chief minister of the state one more time in the Thirteenth Assemby.


BJD wins the foutheenth Assembly polls with a landslide majority.Mr.Naveen Patnaik resumes office for the third successive time.