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FlooringPlanning the flooring is one of the  toghest decisions one has to take into account while going  for decorating the house. The reason strangely is because of the plethora of options available Every time one thinks of flooring one is set with so many options that one is delightfully confused. Mentioned below are some typical flooring options:

  • Lamination: Wood laminates are a great flooring option. They are available in as many colors and species as wood, and in as many styles, but the way they are constructed makes them last longer and withstand moisture and traffic better than wood. That makes it an excellent flooring idea for the bathroom.
  • Linoleum: Linoleum, the flooring of choice for the disco era, is well on its way back. An all-natural flooring material made from linseed oil, cork, stone and natural resins, linoleum is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, and it is as durable as they come. Whats more, exposure to sunlight, which fades most other flooring materials, actually makes the colors in a linoleum floor richer. So you have a flooring option that is easy to care for, wears extremely well and lasts forever.
  • Vinyl Tiles: Perfect flooring idea for kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms. Inexpensive, easy to install, and available in a vast range of colors and patterns, vinyl tiles also wear well, and are easy to maintain.
  • Ceramic Tiles: No longer confined to bathrooms, ceramic tiles today come in rich tones, and include a range of patterns that is hard to incorporate on any other material. They can still provide excellent flooring ideas for the bathroom, but are not at all out of place in the kitchen, the patio or by the poolside.
  • Slate Tiles: Slate looks like stone well, it is stone - but has a number of advantages over stone floors. For one thing, its smooth surface holds a glossy finish well and is comfortable underfoot. Besides, it is available in its natural colors and is a great natural flooring idea.
  • Wooden Flooring: Time-tested, beautiful and stylish, wood floors suit any decor. Whats more, with proper care, a wood floor lasts a lifetime, and gives you numerous flooring ideas courtesy its variety of patterns.
  • Parquet Flooring: This is a particularly elegant and stylish flooring idea. Different colors, types or species of wood are cut and stained and fitted to create a pattern. The pattern may be overall, or it may be used to accent a border, corner or center of the floor.
  • Stone Floors: Marble, slate, limestone and travertine are flooring ideas that are growing in popularity. Marble is, of course, particularly popular in public buildings.
  • Carpets: Wall to wall carpets will always be in fashion. Modern choices include natural wool or cotton, acrylic, olefin and nylon, as well as jute and other natural fibers.

Things to consider for Flooring

  • FlooringTake into account adjoining rooms and the flooring on those rooms and make sure you harmonize the new flooring with the old.
  • If too much natural light enters the room, you might consider a laminated floor, and vinyl, ceramic or porcelain tiles.
  • Coordinate the color and style of your flooring with your furniture, curtains and wallpaper.
  • The foot traffic that a room gets should dictate your flooring idea. A room with a high volume of traffic needs more durable flooring.
  • Similarly, a room used mainly for leisure activities can accommodate relatively delicate flooring materials.
  • Remember, pets may damage flooring, so factor that in. equally, the number of children in the house will also impact flooring.
  • Lighter colors make rooms seem bigger.