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Face Pimples

Pimple on the facePimple problems are common among teenagers. It is most often caused by hormonal imbalances and blockages present in the skin pores. Pimples occur at the onset of puberty, as the body releases various hormones during this phase that are essential for growth and physical maturation.Pimples can also occur at a later stage in life. In most cases, pimples are a minor skin problem that results from the skin pores being blocked by dead skin cells.

The first reaction of anybody is to try and burst a pimple in an effort to get rid of it. However, this can leave a person with permanent scars. Bursting a pimple will also spread the infection to other unaffected parts of the skin as well. Instead of bursting a pimple, one should follow some simple treatments.

Natural Home Remedies for Face Pimples

  • Wash the face as often as possible with room temperature water. This ensures that the facial skin remain free of minute dirt particles and bacteria that stick to it. Second, it washes away the excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. Then the face should be wiped gently with a dry cotton towel. Wiping of face is as important as washing because the water left behind will allow dirt and bacteria to settle on the skin once again.
  • Aloe Vera is a very effective plant when it comes to healing skin related problems. It not only cures skin blemishes, but also nourishes and cools the skin effectively. Use the juice of aloe vera as a face pack to calm the irritation that the pimples may be causing your skin. Wash the face pack off with cool water after 20 minutes.
  • Boil some water to which margosa leaves(Neem) have been added, in a vessel. Place this vessel on a table and bend over it. Hold a towel over your head, so that the water vapor is directed to your face and is not allowed to escape. Margosa leaves are known to be very beneficial, when it comes to healing the skin.
  • Cut down on the intake of fried food, chocolates, cheese and aerated drinks. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables with a lot of water.
  • Apply a mixture of turmeric and neem on the face .
  • Mix thick curd, turmeric and two drops of oil. Apply on the face.
  • Make a paste with sandal wood and turmeric and apply it on the face.