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Face Blemishes

Face BlemishesOur skin color is decided by the pigment melanin. However, due to some climatic, dietary and hormonal conditions, the quantity of melanin could be increased in some or all parts of the skin. This will cause that area of the skin to be hyper-pigmented. These cause the skin blemishes. Blemishes cause dark patches to be formed on the face. Mostly teenagers are suffering from acne and blemishes but that doesn’t mean that adults are free from these skin problems.Blemishes on the skin are definitely not appreciated. These can spoil the entire appearance of the face and can lower the self-esteem of a person. Also, blemishes are indicative of some internal health problem in the person. Hence, skin blemishes should not be taken lightly.

Natural Home Remedies of Face Blemishes

  • Take seven parts of camphor extract, two parts of almond extract, one part of sandalwood and thirty parts of rose water. First mash the sandalwood to a past and then crush the almond to a somewhat coarse consistency. Then mix all the ingredients together and make a paste of it. Store it in a glass bottle. Everyday, apply one part of this paste on the face.
  • Extract the juice of the Bishop's weed seeds or the buds of the jasmine flowers. Apply these on the face. This will remove the ungainly marks on the face and leave it glowing.
  • Put some seeds of the jamun fruit in water and retain them overnight. The seeds will soften in the water. Then in the morning, mash the seeds in the water so that their extracts are exuded into the water. Apply this paste on the face several times in a day. Let the paste dry up on the face. When dried, wash the face with water. This will ensure a solution to all your facial problems.
  • Put some masoor daal (red lentils) in ghee and roast it thoroughly. Then make a very nice mixture of the whole thing. Put this mixture into milk and make a paste of it. Then apply this paste on the face with massaging actions. Then wash the face off. This is a very beneficial remedy. Using this on a daily basis will remove all blemishes from the face.
  • Mix about one teaspoonful each of milk powder, honey and lemon juice and add to it a half teaspoonful of almond oil. Apply this mixture of liquids on the face and then wash it off after about ten to fifteen minutes. A regular use of this treatment will keep all the skin blemishes away and give you a youthfully glowing skin.
  • The humble potato has very effective benefits in removal of skin blemishes, and even moles and warts. Make thin slices of the potato and apply it on the skin. Cover as much area of the skin as possible. This will not be possible to do in the daytime; so keep the potato slices on the skin overnight. Then, in the morning, remove the potato slices and wash the face. Do this continuously for several days. Within about seven days, you will find the blemishes lightening up. This is one of the effective facial blemishes treatment.
  • Make a paste of some two teaspoonfuls of turmeric powder in the juice of a lemon, freshly squeezed. Apply this on the face wherever the blemishes are present. This will help to lighten the skin. This is one of the best home remedies for removing facial blemishes.