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The Story of an Elephant and a Sly old Jackal

Elephant and the Sly JackalOnce upon a time, in a dense jungle, there lived an elephant. A pack of jackals, passing by in search of food, noticed the elephant. They were struck by its size and spoke among themselves "Only if the elephant were dead, we would have to spare the burden of looking for food and hunting for many days together!"

At this moment, an old jackal who was very cunning hit upon a plan and declared, "I will bring about his death so that we can have a sumptuous meal for days."

Now the Jackal approached the elephant, bowed before him with all respect and said, “My Lord! King of Kings! The protector of all trifle creatures! Please grant me the honor of your royal glance for a moment."

"Who are you and why have you come to me?" asked the bemused elephant.

"I am only a humble jackal," he replied. "Recently all the animals in this forest got together and came to the conclusion that it's difficult to stay alive without the protection of a king. And you, who are gifted with all the qualities of a monarch, have been chosen by us to be our king. Our astrologers have informed us that today is an auspicious day for your crowning. The time is fast slipping away. So please follow for the coronation ceremony immediately.” Then the jackal moved on. The flattered elephant also followed the jackal without asking any further question.

Now the cunning jackal walked across a lake full of mud. The unsuspecting elephant kept following his track but unfortunately, being heavy got stuck in the mud. He tried very hard to get out, but all in vain. In desperation, he called out,” I am sinking in the mud. I will die. Plesae help me. I am your king!".”My Lord! Catch hold of my tail and I'll help you out," said the jackal with a cunning smile. "You put faith in a person like me. Well, now - pay for it."

Soon the elephant sank into the mud and died. Now the jackals who have been waiting on shore for this pounced on his body and ate to their heart’s contentment.

Moral: Look before you leap.