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Places of Interest in Dhenkanal

Kapilash: Situated in the north east corner of Dhenkana town at a distance of 26 km from the district Head Quarters, the temples is situated about 2239 feet above the sea level. Narasinghdeva I constructed the temple for Sri Chandrasekhar in 1246 A.D. The temple surrounded by a dense thicket is thronged by visitors in the occasion of Maha Siva Ratri. A deer park nearby that also attracts tourists.

Raghunath Temple in SaptsajyaSaptasajya : Surrounded by seven hills,Saptasajya is known for its scenic beauty,Spatasajya has mythological significance as it is said that the place was dwelled by by the Saptarishis (Seven Mythological Sages) in the ancient time. Another account holds that Sri Ram as well as the Pandavas had spent time on these hills during their respective periods of exile. There is a temple of Sri Ram 900 ft above at the hill top which is a sought after place of pilgrimage.

Deulijhar: It is situated at a distance of 12 km from Dhenkanal. It is famous for the Mahima Temple and the seat of Mahima Dharma.

Tikarapada: It is situated at a distance of km. from Dhenkanal. There is a Gharial crocodile sanctuary amidst lush green forest by the side of the Mahanadi River.

Kamakhyanagar: It is famous for Goddess Kamakhya temple. The second largest bridge can be seen on the way of Kamakhyanagar.

JorJoranda: Situated at a disntance of 13km from Dhenkanal, it is famous for the seat of Mahima cult. The Sunya temple attracts the tourists.

Sarang:Based 67 km. from Dhenkanal, one can find the Anantasayan image of Lord Vishnu on the rocky bed of the river Brahamani at Saranga. The hoods of Anant, the serpent king spread over the head of Lord Vishnu as the crown and cover.

Dandadhar 67 km from Dhenkanal, Dandadhar is the site of an irrigation project on the river Ramial- an ideal place for outing. Blue expense of sparkling water caged in sun-bathed valley is a thrill to the searching eyes. This place is regarded as a quality picnic spot and is highly acclaimed for its scenic beauty.