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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Aesop's fablesThere was once a boy who kept sheep not far from the village. While the sheep grazed, he would lay watching them. However he would often become bored for having nothing to do and to amuse himself he would call out aloud,

"Wolf! Wolf," although there was no wolf about.

The villagers would then stop their work and run to save the sheep from the wolf's jaw. Once they arrived at the pasture, the boy would laugh at them. The naughty boy played this joke over and over until the villagers got tired of him.

One day while the boy was watching the sheep, a wolf did come into the fold. The boy cried and cried,

"Wolf! Wolf!"

But no one came to his help thinking that the boy was again playing pranks on them. The boy watched terrified as the wolf carried off a sheep and ate it to his hearts contentment.

Moral: No one will believe a habitual liar even when he is telling the truth.