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Places of Interest

Patnagarh: The ancient capital of the kingdom of Patna is home to some ancient and unique monuments. The temples of Patmeswari in Chalukyan style and that of Someswar Siva belonging to the 12 th Century are the monuments of prominence. One can find here the reminiscence of the earliest group of temples build during the Chauhan rule in Western part of Orissa.

Ranipur Jharial Temple is famous as a rare </p />
<p>Yogini temple of IndiaRanipur-Jharial:

Ranipur Jharial is known as "Soma Tirtha" in scriptures. It combines a section of religious faiths like Saivism, Buddhism, Vaisnavism and Tantrism. The place is famous for the Yogini temple.This temple; one among the four hypaethral temples dedicated to sixty four Yoginis in India is an architectural delight, the circular open vault enclosure of sixty-four yoginis being the major point of attraction. The temple of Someswar Siva is the noted one among a plethora of about 50 temples here. The majestic brick temple of Indralath is said to be the highest brick temple of Orissa.

Saintala: Saintala is noted for its Chandi temple which is now in ruins. Goddess Chandi in Mahisamardini form is presently installed in a small mound. The Dasavatara (Ten incarnations) image of Lord Vishnu and Broken door jamb with figures of Ganga and Yamuna are among the remarkable places of sculpture un-earthen here.

Jogisarada: Situated at a distance of 25 km from Balangir and 7 km from Loisingha, Jogisarda is noted for the Jogeswar Shiva Temple and the temple of Goddes Lankeswari.

Sloth Bears are a common sight in Turekela forests of </p />

Turekela: A place suitable for group camping, Turekela is important for viewing colorful wild life, like Tigers, Dear, Bears, Monkeys etc. The chirping birds perched on trees are a thrill to the searching eyes.

Harishankar Temple in </p />
<p>Bolangir is famous for its scenic beauty

Hari Shankar: On the southern slope of Gandhamardan hills, Harishankar, is a place of pilgrimage and rare scenic beauty with gurgling waterfalls. The place is also noted for the Hari Shankar temple that is unique in itself not only because of its antiquity and design with inscriptions in Porto-Oriya on the outer walls but also for being one of the rarest temples of its kind in the entire country where both Vishnu and Shiva are worshipped together. A natural spring of water appends to the beauty of Harishankar.

Charda: It is situated at a distance of 4 km. from Binka .It is famous for Kapilaswar Temple.

Papakshya Ghat: It is situated at a distance of 4 km. from Binka. It is famous for Radhakrusna temple and Banhha Bata.

Nabagraha kunda: It is famous for stone images of Nabagraha.

Debi chandlipat: It is situated at a distance of 11 km. from Binka and is famous for intricate tunnels.