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The Simhadwara or the entrance gates of the temple are guarded by twin statues of a lion standing over the elephant. According to some historians, this has been deliberately done to depict the greatness of the Kesari dynasty ( whose state and dynastic emblem was Lion) over the Gajpati dynasty (whose state and dynastic emblem was Elephant). This fact is also taken into account to accentuate the fact that the temple had been constructed by King Jajati keshari of the Keshari dynasty.

Modern Paintings

Just at the entrance, inside the Simhadwara beautiful paintings that depict Puranic Storoies of Ramyana and Mahabharat have been done. These are recent additions to the temple.

Rudra Mela

The temple complex possess a series of over a hundred Siva Lingas. These are called Rudra Mela. These Rudra Melas have been restored under two flat roof complex close to the northern entrance of the temple.

Compound WallBiraja compond wall

The compound wall surrounding the present temple was built by Bhikari das, a saint who started the construction work in 1880 and completed it in the year 1895 by begging alms.