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Rituals of Maa Biraja

Daily Rituals of Maa Biraja

Biraja Temple at JajpurFrom immemorial times Maa Biraja is being worshipped at Jajpur as the presiding Deity of Orissa. For her worship and rituals three categories of Brahmins are engaged namely Kar, Pani, Panigrahi. From early morning till the close (Pahuda) at night all sevas (services) are executed timely by Brahmins of the above categories.

Early Morning (4A.M. to 4.30A.M)- Mukha Marjan(Face wash), Danta Kastha(brushing of teeth with the Bilwa stick), smearing of the body with Gandhamala, turmeric paste , sandal paste, sarbaushadhi and scented oil, bath in Panchamruta(a liquid mixture of milk, curd, ghee, molasses and honey) and bath again in the waters of the sacred rivers like the Ganga and the Baitarani.

Then the Purusasukta Mantra and the Sri sukta Mantra are recited before the Goddess. After that incense is burnt and the lamp lighted is offered. Next sweets (Naibedya) are offered after which there is Sahan Mela.(Open to all)

Midday Ritual - Maa Biraja is worshipped with the five upacharas (services) namely, Dhoop(incense), Deepa(burning lamp), naivedya(sweetened rice and other items), Aratri(burning camphor), Puspanjali(presenting opened hands filled with flowers and Bilwa leaves), Arghya Samarpan(Offering of a special drink) and punyaha bachan(recital of sacred mantras). The midday close (Pahuda) is at 1 P.M. Afternoon- The afternoon opening (The opening of Pahuda) is at 3 P.M. There is mukha soudha(cleaning of the mouth) after which curd mixed with sugar is offered and there is Sahan Mela (Opening for all).

Evening- In the evening there are Aratri, Pushpanjali and Samanya Naivedya(simple offering) of sweets.

Night (10 P.M)- There is nitya(normal) upachar puja, offering of Naivedya(boiled rice, dal etc), Aratri, Pushpanjali and Arghya Samarpan after which there is night close(Ratri Pahuda).

Goddess Biraja is worshipped with Bana Durga mantra throughout the year except on Triveni Amavasya (New moon day in the month of Magha). On that day she is worshipped in Gayatri Mantra.