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Mahaprasad Types of Mahaprasad Kitchen of Lord
56 Bhogas of Lord

Chappan Bhog of Lord Jagannath

Rice Preparation

  • Sadha Anna - Simple Rice water
  • Kanika - Rice, Ghee and Sugar
  • Dahi Pakhal - Curd Rice and water
  • Ada Pakhal - Rice, Ginger and water
  • Thali Khechedi - Lentil, Rice with Sugar and Ghee
  • Ghea Anna - Rice mixed with Ghee
  • Khechedi - Rice mixed with Lentil
  • Mitha Pakhal - Rice , Sugar and water
  • Oria Pakhal - Rice, Ghee, Lemon and Salt

Sweet Mints (Usually shaped in small and deep friend)Mahaprasad at Puri

  • Khaja - Made of wheat
  • Gaja - Made of wheat, sugar and Ghee
  • Ladu - Made of wheat, sugar and Ghee
  • Magaja Ladu
  • Jeera Ladu
  • Jagannath Ballav - Wheat, Sugar and Ghee
  • Khuruma - Made of wheat, Sugar and Salt
  • Mathapuli - Made of Ghee, Ginger and a kind of beans ground in to a thick paste
  • Kakara - Made of Ghee and Wheat
  • Marichi Ladu - Made of Wheat and Sugar
  • Luni Khuruma - Made of Wheat, Ghee and Salt
  • (On return of Bahuda Yatra during Suna Vesha, Rasagolla are offered as Bhogas but on no other day Rasagollas are allowed for Bhog)

Cakes,Pancakes & Patties

  • Suara Pitha - Made of wheat and Ghee
  • Chadai Lada - Made of Wheat, Ghee and Sugar
  • Jhilli - Rice Flour, Ghee and Sugar
  • Kanti - Rice Flour and Ghee
  • Manda - Made of wheat and Ghee
  • Amalu - Made of wheat, ghee and sugar
  • Puri - Made of wheat and Ghee and deeply fried like a small thin pan cake
  • Luchi - Made of Rice, Flour and Ghee
  • Bara - Made of Curd, Ghee and a kind of beans
  • Dahi Bara - Cake made of a kind of a beans and curd
  • Arisa - A flat cake made of Rice flour and Ghee
  • Tripuri - Another flat cake made of Rice, Flour and Ghee
  • Rosapaik - A cake made of wheat and

Milk Preparations

  • Khiri - Milk, Sugar with Rice
  • Papudi - Prepared from only the cream of milk
  • Khua - Prepared out of Pure Milk slowly boiled over many hours to a soft custard like consistency
  • Rasabali - Made of Milk, Sugar and Wheat
  • Tadia - Made of fresh cheese, sugar and Ghee
  • Chhena Khai - Made of fresh Cheese, milk and sugar
  • Bapudi Khaja - cream of milk, sugar and ghee
  • Khua Manda - Made of milk, wheat and Ghee
  • Sarapulli - This is the most famous and most difficult milk dish to prepare. It is made of pure milk boiled slowly for hours and spread in to a large pizza shaped pan.

Curry with Vegetables

  • Dali
  • Biri dali
  • Urad Dal
  • Muga Dal
  • Dalama
  • Mahura
  • Besara
  • Saaga - A spinch dish
  • Potala Rasa
  • Goti Baigana
  • Khata
  • Raita - a yogurt like dish with curd and radish.
  • Pita
  • Baigani