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Art and Craft of Orissa

Silver Filigree - Reflection of excellence of Orissa's art and craftArt and craft of any particular region display the unique blend of history and philosophy along whose line the civilization of that particular region has evolved.Crafts and art embed in them the long process of history in which the civilizations evolved and merged to yield the finest effect of cultured life.They are more than mere dispaly that soothes the vision of an onlooker.They are, in fact a reflection of the entire culture and heritage of a particular race.

The cultural heritage of Orissa too finds  echo in its myriad vibrant art forms.With a history older than that of india and a culture that kept on evolving as the land passed from the rule of one ruler to other,Orissa's art and craft show as much variety and color as its past.The land in fact is rich in its diverse artistic achievements.having unique and distinct traditions of painting,architecture,sculpture,handicrafts,music and dance,Orissa has certainly been a paradise for art and artisians to evolve.

Stone carving - Reflection of Orissa's art and CraftFamous for its appliqué items, Pipli attracts thousands of visitors  offering a gala of alluring handicrafts. Silver filigree is an art form which has been the centre of Orissa's handicraft from time immemorial and still forms an  important export item of Orissa . The exquisitely carved stone sculptures, embellished on the walls of the ancient shrines and monuments attest the artistry of those sculptors who perfected the skill through centuries of disciplined efforts. Palm leaf painting is a form of art that baffles historians till date.Nobody can help salute the spirit of the artisans who endured time and fatigue to produce art pieces on pieces of palm leaf with exquiste beauty and details.

These and many other forms of art and craft that still keep on finding expression in the lands of Orissa tell a story of skill, preseverance and dedication.Please scroll through this section by clicking on the links below to know more about the Art and craft of orissa.